Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, Flynn

Brand Name Evenflo
Model 38221757
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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The Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat combines safety with advanced innovative design features. With increased weight ratings both rear-facing and forward facing, and an easy and secure harness adjustment system you can transport your child in comfort and style. Accommodating children 5 to 65 lbs. this seat is a winning solution to the challenges and expense of multiple car seats. Try this seat for a top-notch extended-use option at an affordable price.

Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, FlynnEvenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, FlynnEvenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, FlynnEvenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, Flynn
Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, Flynn
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 Customer Reviews

Excellent seat!
We love this seat! We got it for our first daughter. It’s so great we got it for her sister too. The tightening knobs and shoulder straps are great for getting a just-right fit! It’s easy to clean, installation is easy. It’s great rear and forward facing. For being a more budget-friendly option, I don’t feel like we compromised on safety at all. I know my girls are safe when we strap them in every daySecretgolfish
Car seat works perfect! It seems big but it seems to be super comfortable for the child. My son hasn’t complained or whined since he’s been in it. I rather the car seat to be bigger than him, other than he being bigger than the car seat. I would recommend this car seat to anyone. Grows with the child that’s one of the awesome perks I loved about it..Owner
Fabulous Car Seat
Great car seat for your little one. It was easy enough to install. However, don’t let the straps confuse you like they did me. Now, mind you I am a very intelligent woman and have a college degree. This is my third child so I’m not new to the car seat rodeo. I get the seat installed, great! Now, how do I loosen the straps so I can buckle my one year old in? I pulled, tugged, yanked and READ the manual... TWICE! Finally, figured out hidden between the car and the seat is a nifty release button you hold down and pull the straps the base inside the seat! Like magic they give me slack so I can put my baby in the seat, buckle him in and use the knobs just beneath to tighten the belt safely to him! A wonderful invention to be sure the baby is correctly buckled in with no slack in the seatbelt!Vanessa

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