Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Walmart Exclusive) (Vinyl)

Brand Name Bon Jovi Tops & Blouses
Model VIPRB-Cross Road by Bon Jovi (Vinyl)
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Walmart exclusive - Red Vinyl

Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Walmart Exclusive) (Vinyl)Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Walmart Exclusive) (Vinyl)
Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Walmart Exclusive) (Vinyl)
Cross Road (Walmart Exclusive) (Vinyl)
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 Customer Reviews

Double vinyl, BonJovi at their best! Love it!Bob
Finally released in the U.S. on vinyl. Fantastic!
What a wonderful find. Finally released on vinyl in the United States and red vinyl at that. Album plays perfectly on my Linear tracking Technics SL-6 and sounds fantastic! No need to hunt down a 90's U.K. or Greece release anymore at ridiculous prices. Thanks Walmart for making this classic greatest hits available. I bought 2 because I know I'm going to wear the grooves out.Mark
Love it!
If you are a Bon Jovi fan. you will love this album! It has all their hit on it! Great Quality vinyl and has great tone! I love the red vinyl! You will not be disappointed!felicia

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