Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat


Graco Nautilus is one of the best additions to Graco’s wide range of infant car seats. As one of the most trusted manufacturer of juvenile products, Graco continues to deliver reliable, convenient, and durable products for parents and children around the globe.

Nautilus 3-in-1 Car SeatAfter your baby outgrows his first ever car seat, you will need to look for a booster that he can use for several years to come. If you want to invest on a forward-facing seat that can last for a lifetime, there is no other name you can trust other than Graco.

The Nautilus 3 in 1 seat possesses everything your child will need from a forward-facing car seat. It has a durable five-point harness that can accommodate children who are up to 65 pounds. It also has a convertible booster that can hold children who weigh up to 100 pounds. Today, Graco is the only company that offers a powerful convertible seat that can keep your child comfortable during a long weekend ride.

Graco Nautilus BoosterThe Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 car seat has a convertible design that can last until your child reaches early childhood. Unlike other front-facing car seats, only Nautilus can manage children over one year old. Its steel-reinforced frame can also ensure the safety of your child and withstand the wear and tear from years of constant use.

Comfort, Safety And Security

Like other Graco products, Nautilus also promises to deliver superior protection for your child. It has undergone repeated crash testing and it complies with US safety standards. Its EPS energy-absorbing foam makes sure that your child is comfortable and secured all throughout your car trip.

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat Features and Specs :

When parents buy the Graco Nautilus Car Seat for their children, they can be sure that the infant car seat will protect their kids from any harm during the traveling. The car seat is considered as one the best car seats in the world, so parents can be sure that their children will be protected all the time. Other advantages of using the infant car seat are:

  • The car seat is equipped with 5 points harness that will make sure that the kids will be securely placed on the chair without suffocating them. The car seat is designed with great protection and good safety feature so parent can be sure that their children are safe and sound.
  • The car seat is available in three different styles. Parents can change the style into backless booster or the convertible booster. With this device, parents don’t need to spend money to buy several different items.
  • The seat is designed to accommodate children with various weight ranges, up to 100 pounds, so it can be used for children during their growth period.
  • The frame is made of sturdy and strong steel that will definitely resistant against bumpy road. The superior construction for the seat makes it possible for parents to travel conveniently without having to worry about their kids’ safety.
  • The great design of the seat will support the neck, back, and arm of the babies so they can sit comfortably and protected. The car seat has gone through several crash testing and it’s proven to be great and safe.
  • There’s also additional cup holder and also storage compartment so parents can keep the children’s snacks and other baby items within reach.

Product Specifications

  • Minimum weight recommendation : 20 Pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation : 100 Pounds
  • Minimum height recommendation : 27 inches
  • Maximum height recommendation : 57 inches
  • Care instructions : Machine washable pad
  • Style : 5 Point Harness Booster
  • Seat weight without base : 19.5 Pounds
  • Seat base/foot width : 20 inches
  • Orientation : forward-facing
  • Forward-facing minimum child weight : 20 Pounds
  • Forward-facing maximum child weight : 100 Pounds
  • Harness type:  5 pt

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat Review :

Most parents who have purchased the Graco Nautilus Car Seat for their babies say that the infant car seat is really helpful and handy, especially for long ride and trip. They like the safety features, the comfortable design, and the sturdy construction. They also like the additional features of cup holder and storage compartment.

However, some parents dislike the head support because they think the padding is too thick. When he children are asleep, their heads tend to slump forward. Parents think it would be better if the company is able to come up with better product with less thick head support.  Other than that, the device is great and very reliable.