Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat

Brand Name Graco
Model 1823382
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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The Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat will provide the protection during land travel. When parents buy the best car seats, they can be sure that their children will have enjoyable traveling moment with their parents. The traveling infant car seat will make sure that the children stay secured and protected while they’re on their way and parents won’t need to have constant worry that these kids might be harmed during the trip.

Graco Backless Car Seat Features and Specs :

When parents equip their car with this Graco Backless Car Seat, they can be sure that their children will be definitely safe during the trip. All the Graco products are proven to be safe and reliable. As one of the best car seats in the world, the company always makes sure that all the infant car seats are equipped with the best safety features only. Other benefits and advantages parents can get from the car seat are:

  • The whole dimension of the car seat is about 8 x 15 x 16-inches with total weight around 4 pounds. It’s very compact and light. Parents can always remove the seat anywhere they want to.
  • The seat is very comfortable and safe. It’s made of high quality material that won’t cause the kids to suffer from rash. The material is also comfortable to use. The padding is thick enough, so children can always sit or sleep comfortably during the trip. The seat is also available with adjustable arm rest.
  • The seat can be used to accommodate toddlers, from the age of 4 to 10.
  • The seat is equipped with cup holders and also additional storage compartment that parents can use to keep snacks or other baby products within reach.
  • The seating pad is removable and washable so parents can regularly wash it to keep it hygienic.
  • The seat is equipped with safety harness that will prevent the children from slumping or even thrown forward whenever there’s sudden stop or crash.
  • The support for the neck, head, and back is comfortable and safe. It can absorb crash impact so children will stay safe and be protected from the crash.

Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat Review :

Most parents who have purchased the Graco Backless Car Seat say that the car seat is handy and quite great. They like its lightweight feature since they often remove and attach the car seat. They also like the solid support and also the safety harness. When they have this device around, they can be sure that their children are protected.

However, there’re several issues about the car seat. First of all, the adjustable arm rest isn’t as easy as it should have. The arm rest is quite difficult to adjust and when they force it out, there’s something sticking out from the seat. Second, the cup holder isn’t useful either, since it’s quite shallow and causes spill. Except they have cups with lids, they have no problems using the holder. They think the manufacturer can come up with better product next time.  Other than those minor problems, the product is reliable and amazing.

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 Customer Reviews

Daughter pleased too
I was unable to find this car seat in store so I ordered it on line. It arrived very quickly. It had a well-cushioned seat and the charcoal grey color makes dirt hart to spot (Any mom knows how quickly these seats can become dirty).
Anyway, when I finally convinced my little one to give up her old booster seat she said, "Why didn't we get one of these before? It's really comfy and I like the two cup holders. I'd say that we have a hit!

She also likes that it gives her a new vantage point from the back seat.

Price point was perfect as well; especially since she'll be transitioning out of the seat within the year. I didn't felt like I went into debt for the sake of safety and security.KimK
Our two granddaughters came to visit us on a plane. We had one booster seat but needed another. We found this item reasonably priced at walmart. Ordered online, picked up very next day. It worked perfectly and we have it now for future visits. Would definitely recommend this product.Patricia
Easy to use and substantial booster seat
We bought this booster seat to duplicate what our grandson's dad picked out for consistency. Very easy to use with minimal assembly from product shipped (put arms in). I have some concerns about the plastic on the back in contact with our leather, so will continue using a towel as a buffer. Our 4-year-old grandson seems comfortable enough for our in-town drives. Have read several comments about discomfort for long distances, but we did not hear complaints on a 125-mile drive. I'd purchase again.SugarCreekCoffeeHound
Great car seat
This car seat was chosen by my son and he loves it!It has 2 cup holders which I love for positioning him in different seats in the car.Also the fabric cleans easily.IT comes with a tether system to keep it in place which is another great safety feature.I will be buying another one for my husbands car in the near future.Would definitely recommend!!mamabear94
Graco Turbo Booster Car Seat
Easy to add arms for full assembly. Works well for 4 yr. old and 7 yr. old. Product waiting when I arrived at the store for quick pick-up. No delivery charges to store.Ma11
Great product made my grandson happy made me happy
Great product made my grandson happy made me happy came in a timely manner.Heather
Good price, meets minimum expectations
The seat is a great price, I like the cup holders. It doesn't clip into the car at all. It's sort of a fancy phone book - that meets safety standards. Also, the back shoulder clip needs to adjusted most every time. It doesn't stay in place.lttam25
Booster seat
The booster seat was a great price . My only concern is how sturdy it is. I feel it could have been a bit stronger.GrandMa
Ok but annoying
I bought this item for the carpool mom to have in her car. The arm rests do not stay and it is annoying to put on and off. I had to use rubber-bands to keep on. Not happy with product.MartinFam
Not for compact, mid-size, nor full-size cars!!!
This booster seat seems to be a great booster seat, but not for a car. The seat itself is just too wide and covers the seatbelt buckle, making it difficult to fasten. I have to pull the seat out to be able to fasten the belt every single time. Of course, if it is hard going for an adult, imagine how my 5 year old feels. He likes the cup holders, however, he doesn't too much care for the seat itself. He has requested a different seat. This particular booster seat is probably more fitting for a van.Amber

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