Urbini Sonti Infant Car Seat, Black

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The Urbini Sonti offers a simple, secure installation and lightweight design that makes getting in and out of the car a breeze. The extra-grip belt lock-off removes unwanted slack, while the four-position base adjusts to every vehicle, providing worry-free installation for new parents. Comfortable fabrics, five-point harness and removable preemie insert keep baby snug and secure. Plus, the Sonti fits the Urbini Swiftli and Reversi strollers and the Omni Plus and Emi travel systems.

Urbini Sonti Infant Car Seat, BlackUrbini Sonti Infant Car Seat, BlackUrbini Sonti Infant Car Seat, BlackUrbini Sonti Infant Car Seat, Black
Urbini Sonti Infant Car Seat, Black

Urbini Sonti Infant Car Seat:
  • Rear-facing only, for newborns 4-35 lbs up to 32"
  • 5-point harness with comfort pads
  • Lightweight design
  • Energy-absorbing foam surround
  • Contoured body support
  • Removable preemie insert
  • Compatible with: Reversi Swiftli, Omni Plus Strollers
  • FVSS213 Tested
  • Side-impact and Crash Tested
  • Model# 25HB2Y-BLKU

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 Customer Reviews

Great lightweight car seat
I received my Urbini Sonti infant car seat (in black) for free through the Spark Review program. This product came packaged all set to set into the car. I loved how lightweight this car seat was. The installation into the car was very easy. We did first tried to fasten the carrier with just the seat belt. But, found the seatbelt did not lock and the carrier was easily flipped over in the seat. The base came with another fastening system that used latches to fasten the base that bypassed the seatbelt. We found this method worked much better in my car. The construction of the seat was excellent. Being so lightweight had no effect in the sturdiness of the seat. The fabric seems very durable, and the padding was as expected. The 5 point latching system seems very secure. Great that this car seat offers a four position base to adjust to many car styles. I loved that removable padded seatbelt shoulder pads came included, a great detail. My daughter is having twins in October so the picture I have included is showing "Snoopy" as the baby, and you can see he has plenty of room. I also received the Urbini Reversi stroller (for free through the Spark Review program). The Urbini Sonti infant car seat slides into the stroller with no effort. I included a photo showing the car seat attached to the stroller also. A great pairing.Goaliemom35
Nice car seat.
This car seat comes fully assembled and covered in plastic out of the box. It goes in the car easily with the Latch System. This is to be used for infants up to 35 lbs. and rear facing only. Unhooks fron base easily with the pull of a lever. It has a recline indicator on the side to make sure it is installed correctly. And is nicely padded.KaitlynandNathansmom
I love the seat
I got this car seat for my snap n go frame stoller it fit perfectMeandmy3
Just like the picture!
Its super nice , cant wait to put my little man in it come june !Sable
Love it!
The absolute only thing I didn't like was the head insert is a little big for my newborn who was 8 pounds, so I bought a head support until she grows into it. Other than that, I love it. It's a good weight, I like the locking mechanism for the latch system or seatbelt, I like the adjustable base as I transfer cars a lot and it seems very sturdy.kandersonnvc
Well made and easy to use
This seat is easy to assemble and use. Very sturdy but looks like an expensive brand!Sarah5926
Chest buckle
Purchased this car seat for my twin girls. It’s a great price, look, and farely well seat. The only down fall is the top buckle that goes across the chest. At times I have a hard time getting it to stay clipped together. Other than that its a great seat!TwinMama
Good if your getting the stroller.
If you have a baby in the bigger side I would not get this car seat. The straps don't pull out enough to get the baby in comfortably so you have to maneuver the baby in. And the middle connection strap is too short. I did read the manual and I do have everything to the largest size. Also when getting out of the base it catches if not perfectly taken out. Not a smooth take out. The stroller attachments which stay on the seat come off when trying to get out of the base. If I did not love the reverse stroller so much I would not keep this car seat. My baby is 6 months old but weigh around 21 pounds.ttowntonya
Great for the price.
This car seat is really nice. It is lightweight and adjustable for varying car types. I've had the chance to use it for a couple of weeks, and I'm impressed. The latch system works best in my car. I docked the seat a star because my husband's 2011 truck doesn't have a match system and the seatbelt way doesn't seem too secure and fit. It will remain in my car for that reason. Other than that, it's a nice seat. Material seems like it'll last, also.

I received this product for free for my honest review.BlessedBeTheName
Not perfect, but Great for the price!
So far this car seat has been pretty good. It was easy to install in my car, but was kind of tough to open the lock. So for some like me, not as strong, this maybe an issue. I do like the fact that it comes with padding (liner), so even if you have a smaller baby, this is supposed to work for them as well. Although this car seat isn't perfect, I think for the price is great. I would recommend using this as a backup (grand parents, nanny, ect). That way you won't have the issues from moving it from car to car.glitzNgloss

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