Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, Coleman

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Designed for your growing child, the Colman Safety 1st All-in-One Convertible Car Seat will take your little one all the way through three different stages - starting as a rear-facing infant car seat, converting to a forward-facing car seat and then transitioning to a belt-positioning booster car seat when your child is ready. The three-position recline adjusts with one hand making it easy to get your child into the most comfortable position. The Colman Safety 1st All-in-One Convertible Car Seat also features our QuickFit Harness System that easily adjusts harness height right from the front in just one easy step. With a removable cup holder to store a drink or snack, your little one will be sure to love this car seat as much as you do!

Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, ColemanSafety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, ColemanSafety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, ColemanSafety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, ColemanSafety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, ColemanSafety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, Coleman
Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, Coleman
  • 3 Car Seats in 1: Grows with your child, Rear-facing 5-35 pounds, Forward-facing harness 22-50 pounds, and Belt-positioning 40-80 pounds
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Adjustable, 3-position recline
  • QuickFit™ harness system adjusts harness height in one easy step - no rethreading
  • 5-point harness with up-front adjustment
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 Customer Reviews

Awesome seat!
This car seat is amazing! Setup was a breeze and took only minutes. (I installed this in a forward facing position). I like how I will be able to continue to use it after my daughter is above the weight limit for the forward facing position-then we can just adjust the seat so that it will be a booster type seat. Finally someone has come up with a great idea of having a car seat that grows with your child!
This particular model can accommodate a newborn (with removable head/neck support) and be a rear facing car seat, then a seat for your toddler, and then your preschooler! I'm so thrilled!
This seat also has an adjustable head-piece so that you make sure your little one is positioned safely within the seat. There are two red levers you can adjust accordingly for this purpose. The levers allow you to pull the headrest up or push it down for a smaller child. Great idea!
The seatbelt is easy to fasten and unfasten--this is very important to me as I hate struggling with buckles on a fidgeting toddler!
The seat appears to be very comfortable and both my toddler and preschooler enjoyed sitting in it while I read the instruction manual for setup.
This model also comes with a plastic cup holder that can attach to the seat should you choose.
Finally, I adore the print on the car seat cover. It's bright and fun and my daughter adores it too!
Overall, I highly recommend this seat!ksbest
Car Seat - Grows with your child from baby to kid!
This is The Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat in the color called
Ruby. The Car Seat that covers 3 stages of my grand daughter growing up. The
assembly was easy as, take out of the box and snap on the drink holder to either side
of car seat, simple and ready to use. I found the padding to be a little thin so I added a
blanket. This new full featured car seat starts as a rear-facing infant car seat, and as
my grand daughter grows, it converts to a forward-facing car seat and even to the
stage when she is ready, it then converts to a belt-positioning booster car seat
….Yep all in one. This car seat is very durable, made of hard plastic and the material
of the cushioned seat, headrest and pillow are 100% Polyester Fiber Batting the color
of this model is Ruby which is a pinkish color. It is rated for children 5-80 pounds and
19”-52” in height. The weight rating is Infant - Rear-Facing 5-35 pounds,
Toddler – Forward Facing 22-50 pounds, and Booster – Belt Positioning 40-80
pounds. Some of the features are: Quickfit Harness System to adjust for child size
Side Impact Protection, Removable Infant/toddler Head Support, 5-Point Front Adjust
Harness to strap in child easily, Removable Cup Holder and Adjustable 3-Position
Recline. Thumbs Up for this great car seat ! As it is written on the size of box it came
in, “Grows with your child from baby to kid! “Raezer
Extra cute car seat
Over the years for my own children I have had to buy several different car seats because I never thought to buy the kind they could grow with. The Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Car Sear in the color of ruby grows with your child. You can use it for rear-facing when your child is 5-35 lbs. You can use it for forward facing when your child is 22-50 lbs. You can use it as a booster seat when your child is 40-80 lbs. It has a 5-point harness that can be adjusted to accommodate your child's height. Its a solidly made car seat and it weighs 14.5 lbs.For extra comfort it has a 3 position recline.It is the cutest car seat for a girl,and though the color says ruby to me it looks more like a deep pink. The car seat was easy to get into my car and safely secure into place.No matter how cute a car seat is safety is what matters the most. My Granddaughter likes it a lot she either puts her cup,snack or small toy in the removable cup holder. Because of the cushion headrest and seat cover she is very content. A happy Grandbaby, makes for a happy Grandma, I am so glad I got this car seatDontliketowastemoney
Super Cute and Very Practical
This convertible car seat has it all! Adorable flower/leopard-like pattern with luscious pink color all around. The black plastic completes the look. One of the best parts is that this comes almost 100% ready-to-go. Right out of the box there is little-to-no assembly required. The instructions that come with and the signage on the side make the final steps a breeze and converting it to the next stages should be just as easy. My only concern with this seat is the hard-edged plastic base and it's impact overtime on the interior of my car. Overtime, leather seats may take too hard of a beating from the base.ShopGirl1724
Remarkable Car Seat
Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat, Ruby - I rated this all in one car seat 5 stars! It came in original box and was easy to just remove from box and put it in my car .It was very easy to understand the instruction(s) in the little instruction booklet included. This seat will be the only seat you will need for all 3 stages of your growing child. It has a lot of great features including for safety such as ...........
Rear-facing for a child 5-35 lbs and 19"-36" ,
Forward facing for a child 22-50 lbs and 34"-45" ,
Belt positioning booster: 40-80 lbs ,
5-point harness system with Center Front Adjust ,
QuickFit harness system adjusts harness height from front in 1 easy step ,
3-position recline ,
Removable cup holder ,
LATCH equipped for easy installation ,
Side impact protection ,

I use it for my precious granddaughter who is 2 years old , she is in the middle stage currently which is Forward facing for a child 22-50 lbs and 34"-45" , this wonderful seat is for your baby/child 3 (three) different stages of growth. From newborn rear facing , to toddler forward facing, then after 40 lbs. you have your booster seat too! It converts to fit your child(s) needs for all 3 stages they will need . I showed it to my granddaughter and put her in it the first time and she seemed to love it as well. The little cup holder can go on either side, she has used it for her sippy cup , her snacks and well even her smaller hand size toys too :) I am assured that she is safe and secure and I know I am already prepared for her next stage of a booster seat with this thoughtfully and quality USA made Safety 1st All-in-One Sport Convertible Car Seat. 5 Stars!P313
A car seat to grow with your child
I ordered the Safety 1st All in One Sport Convertible Car Set as a replacement to my 3 ½ year old granddaughter's current car seat. She doesn't get to visit often and her seat doesn't have much use in its history, but I thought this would be an ideal car seat that would last her for a very long time; probably the remainder of her younger years. She is very tall and thin, so she will outgrow the height limit (52 inches) long before she outgrows the maximum weight limit (80 pounds). This car seat is very solid and sturdy, with so much focus on the child's comfort. Some of those added details include an adjustable harness/headrest, recline lever, and even a pillow. The cover is nicely padded and has a pretty sort-of leopard pattern. However, it is pink, not “ruby” as the name might indicate. I am really impressed with the manual, which gives explicit instructions on installation, which is good for me because these manuals can be overwhelming. The label on the side of the car seat says it can be used for air travel ONLY with the Internal Harness System and NOT as a Belt Positioning Booster Seat. I am very happy with this item and I trust the reputation of Safety 1st. I take seriously the responsibility to research any products for use with my grandchildren and their reviews were excellent.ladycarla
I love this!
My daughters love this kind of car seat! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]Gexsan e
Happy with my purchase!
I love these car seats and so do my twin girl. They are 11 months still rear facing. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't tilt back far enough in the rear facing. I would not recommend this for an infant.Jessica
Good but not Great
This car seat is an average carseat. It meets the standard features, such as is seams really safe, its got a nice soft fabric cover, has a latch system for easy installation and it's compact yet roomy for my toddler. I have been trying to find the perfect car seat for my compact vehicle and size wise this hit the mark. The latch system made for easy installation however my carseat did not come with an instruction book. I had to wing it during the installation. I tried looking on there website for the instruction but didnt have any luck. So thay was a big bummer. The carseat has this cheap cupholder clip that goes onto the side of the seat. I dont anticipate this will last long. It seams really flimsy and if the cupholder is a feature u want I would say to pass on this carseat. Overall my toddler is comfortable in this seat. Its low enough where she can climb in and sit herself down with out any help. Very important for my independent toddler. Overall its an ok carseat.livetoshop2009
Convertible Car Seat
Although, being of a practical nature, I really love the concept of a convertible car seat that "grows" with your child from infant to toddler, there were several features of this car seat that could be improved upon, making me hesitant to recommend the product. For one, although this car seat was presumably smartly designed to be lightweight, sacrificing the thickness of the cushions was not. A car seat with thin cushions can't be very comfortable for the child. Also, some edges of the car seat were sharp enough that users could get scratched. That's a concern for any parent.
On a positive note, the structure of the car seat is well-designed and stable; this quality may trump the weaknesses and be attractive and practical to the budget-minded consumer. The pattern of the fabric is cheerful and bright. So, as with many products, the consumer needs to weigh the pros and cons. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this car seat to my friends based on my preference of comfort and safety over practicality.janecaboto

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