Harmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, Granite

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Ultra-plush fabrics and a seat-saver design make the Harmony Youth Booster Seat ideal for you and your child. Your children will enjoy sitting in this forward-facing booster car seat, as they can see the road ahead and watch the scenery. Its unique V-shape design is easy and safe to install. This award-winning booster car seat is made with durable fabrics and thick comfort foam, and the full-wrap seat pad can be removed for easy washing. The belt guides ensure you install the seat belt in the correct way. Make travel time more enjoyable and safe for everyone with this feature-packed youth booster car seat.

Harmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, GraniteHarmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, GraniteHarmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, GraniteHarmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, GraniteHarmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, GraniteHarmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, GraniteHarmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, Granite
Harmony Juvenile Youth Backless Booster Car Seat, Granite

Harmony Youth Booster Car Seat:
  • 2010-2018 IIHS Best Bet Booster
  • Exceeds US FMVSS 213 standards
  • Fits children 30 - 100 lbs
  • Extended weight range
  • Unique V-shape design promotes safer installations
  • Ultra-plush, durable fabrics made with comfort foam throughout seat for maximum comfort
  • Full-wrap, premium seat pad is removable for machine washing
  • Visually-pronounced belt guides promote correct installment of the seat belt
  • Belt path design prevents child from sliding under the lap belt on impact
  • Seat-saver design
  • Shoulder belt guide included
  • Shell: 100 percent plastic, fabric: 100 percent polyester
  • 1-year warranty

 Customer Reviews

2 of these + 1 infant = 3 in back of Honda Civic
We bought these because they were narrow and inexpensive, yet highly rated. Our challenge was to fir three kids (newborn, 4-year-old (around 43 lbs), and 5-year old (around 55 lbs)) in the back of an old Honda Civic. We'd kept our kids in 5-point car seats, but those seats didn't fit in the back of our Civic with a new baby seat. After a lot of online research, we decided to go with the Harmony - Juvenile Youth Booster Car Seat in Hot Rod color because of all the positive reviews. We easily got the seats configured in the car (Harmony Booster Seat #1, Graco Snugride, Harmony Booster Seat #2). The only modification we made was to buy two seat-belt extenders from the internet (Walmart does not sell these) for the rear of the car, so that the older kids could buckle themselves in. So far, everything has worked out great. The design is also really fun-- my 4-year-old loves fire trucks, so he LOVES the flames on these seats, and gets excited whenever he gets to sit in them. The only negative is that these chairs don't have a cupholder, but that's such a minor thing and I'm not sure it would have fit anyhow.Steph1975
Harmony booster seat
Our kids and grandkids came by airplane for a short holiday visit, and couldn't bring all the required kid gear. Online they found this Harmony booster seat for our car that would accommodate even the smaller child at 35 lbs. Most other boosters start at kids weighing 40 lbs. They sent me the image by text, and I easily found the correct model, ordered two of them online, and picked them up at our local Superstore the next day. Quick and easy! Terrific price, too! They fit the minivan's middle bucket seats and seat belts just fine, were easy to install, and the kids said they were comfortable. Win-win all the way around! Lightweight and easily stored on a garage shelf for the next visit.IBQuilty
Great, inexpensive, booster
Compact, lightweight, easy to use. It sits higher than the BubbleBum (which we also own) so my son does not need the strap adjuster to bring the shoulder portion of the eat belt closer to his shoulder. The seat belt lies nicely across his shoulder (he is 5.5 years old). The lap portion slides easily under the arm rest with no fiddling (unlike the BubbbleBum, which has lots of annoying things to slide through). My son can buckle himself in by himself. I still use the larger carseat with 5 point harness for everyday traveling as he slumps when he sits, so a full carseat is still better at this age. This booster is used only for carpooling. But for what it is, and at the low price, it is great. It also comes very highly reviewed on lots of consumer websites. When my son graduates out of the 5 point harness, I imagine we can use this booster every day.happy
Great product for a low price.
Unfortunately, the best reviews for car and booster seats would be from those who had them during accidents. Thankfully, that did not happen to us. We simply wanted to use this seat as a booster for a 6 year old. It is very reasonably priced. Very easy to install and remove. That was very helpful as we switched cars quite often while visiting relatives.leeinalex07
Simple, sturdy, and slim booster
This booster is perfect for carpooling. It fits in my backseat between two other car seats, where other boosters were too wide. Great value, plush fabric, and would recommend to anyone.Erin
Great for the price
Purchased this to have as an extra seat for play dates. It's great for the price. lightweight and easy to buckle in the child. I especially like the seat belt positioned guide. It comes up from behind the child's back and clips onto the belt to hold it firmly over their shoulder in the correct position. Kids can still wiggle quite a bit though and the seat belt allows them to lean all the way forward so even though this seat goes down to 30lbs I wouldn't want to put anyone younger than a very mature 4 year old in it. Older would be better. If a child was determined and didn't understand seat belt safety they could wiggle free pretty easily. But for a mature 4 or older it's a great spare seat that won't break the bank.Chochoberry
Does the Job that it is Intended to do
Our family was in need of a second booster seat but did not want to spend too much. This booster seat solved that problem. It fits great in our compact vehicle and my son seems to be very comfortable in it. It is also very easy to move to a different seat without much hassle. I have no cons to mention the product was as described.JujuBeansMama
Nice Booster. Nice Price.
These boosters are great for older kids, they are comfortable and easy to use, although they can be a bit of a pain to set up with the seat belt positioner.

I was worried that they might be old (with an earlier expiration date) due to their very low cost, but the three I got had virtually the same expiration date as the 9 more expensive models I purchased.

Unless your kid needs a cup holder or fancy extras, or if your vehicle does not have a head rest (meaning that you must use a high back booster), then I wouldn't worry about spending any extra money on a booster, but please read the directions carefully or ask an expert for help, because if they are used incorrectly, you could injure your child.DakotaBillG
Adequate but not good for long trips.
I bought this booster seat for my 4-year-old grandson who was coming to visit for 2 weeks. Everything about it works as advertised. The only thing you can't check beforehand is comfort. It was quite OK for short trips but, after more than about 15 minutes, the boy started complaining that it "hurt" him. Of course it did not injure him in any way so we concluded it was uncomfortable. The seat does not have a lot of padding. We tried adding a cushion but that too became uncomfortable. The price was great and we will use it for short trips in the future. I would stay away from this seat if you want comfort.Dianelc
Slim and lightweight, but not great
I bought be this so I could fit three car seats across in my SUV. Yay! But the seat is not very cushioned at all and the space between the seat and armrest doesnt allow my child's hand (or mine) to fit through to buckle the seat belt.
I would recommend this if you need an option that is slim. But it would work better without having another car seat immediately beside it.Mather

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