Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Gotham

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children ride rear facing until at least two years of age. Extend2Fit features a 3-position extension panel that provides five inches of extra legroom, allowing your child to ride safely rear facing longer. The seat can be used rear facing from four to 50 pounds and forward facing from 22 to 65 pounds. The seat features Simply Safe Adjust, which allows you to adjust the height of the harness and headrest as your child grows; InRight LATCH for a one-second LATCH attachment; and Fuss Free harness storage, which holds the buckle out of the way, so it's easy to get baby in and out.

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, GothamGraco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, GothamGraco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, GothamGraco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, GothamGraco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, GothamGraco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, GothamGraco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Gotham
Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Gotham

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat:
  • Designed to help protect your rear-facing infant from 4-50 lb and your forward facing toddler from 22-65 lb
  • 3-position extension panel adjusts to provide 5" additional leg room allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing longer
  • Up to 50 lb rear-facing allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing longer
  • 6-position recline helps keep your growing child comfy on your many journeys together
  • 10-position headrest adjusts easily for your growing child
  • Graco ProtectPlus Engineered: a combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps protect your child in frontal, side, rear & rollover crashes; additional testing based on the New Car Assessment Program and for extreme car interior temperatures
  • Available in Valor, Spire, Kenzie or Gotham

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 Customer Reviews

Excellent Car seat with a capacity of 50lb RF
Let me list the main features of the car seat to begin with.

1.It can accommodate Rear-facing 4-50 lbs., up to 45″ tall and Forward-facing 22-65 lbs., up to 49″ in height.
2. Headset can be adjusted to 10-position
3. Car seat can be reclined to 6 positions 2 for Rear Facing and 3 for Forward Facing.
4. There is a new feature in the car seat which is 4-position extension panel which provides up to 5” of extra legroom.
5. 2 Cup holders.
6. 10 years lifespan from the date of manufacturer.

All of know that the Rear facing is always better till the times the child can sit we should make them sit RF. So 50 lbs of weight limit is really awesome and for tall kids the extension panel works out perfect. That's really a cool feature.

Car seat can be used from a newborn baby to an older child weighing 65 lbs. I wish it also had a booster seat conversion like Graco forever. My toddler is 18 months so I removed the newborn cushions.

Recline option works v smoothly. There is an easy indication on which recline option to be chosen as the weight and age of the child.

I used the vehicle seat belts to install the car seat and it was pretty simple. Not too heavy. Its one of the best car seats I have got and would definitely recommend.atomanu2
Big and Safe!
I have a 2 year old foster daughter that my husband and I adopted last week. She has been with us since she was 6 days old. Our first 2 car seats were Graco's. My husband and I have been jockeying the same car seat between his truck and my car and decided to get another car seat so we could stop the time consuming task of switching back and forth.

This car seat is BIG but safer than the other car seat we have. It does not fit in my husband's 2 door extended cab trucks back seat. If you have a compact car or other people/kids riding with you measure the seat and your back seat.

The head rest is tight against her ears. When she falls asleep in it the head rest keeps her head up straight. (I love that.) It has 2 cup holders. We use one for her sippy cup and the other for snacks or a small toy.

I've got to be honest….I had a hard time figuring out how to lengthen the straps. The button is under the seat cover and a little hard to get to. The manual does describe how to do it but to me it was not clear. And another thing I don't like is that it looks like the seat cover will be hard to remove to wash it. That's important to me. But again the manual shows step by step instructions so it should not be too hard.cocovette
5+stars for superior comfort and safety
I'm very excited to see the new technology Graco has built into this car seat. This technology fills a much needed void in safety which is a car seat capable of holding up to 50 pounds in a rear facing position and this does it well. As a nanny I have much experience in car seats and can say this car seat is also super easy to use and has new great features making it even safer.
It's been proven the safest position for a baby/toddler in a car seat is rear facing up to age 2 or as long as the seat allows which is the problem. Most children are too large to fit in the seat in a rear facing position. this seat solves that problem with an extender for extra leg room. The extender is a hard plastic type platform for the legs to lie on. It easily slides with a push of a button from the bottom of the seat area and can be extended in increments up to 5 inches in length.
This car seat is a convertible car seat which means it can go from infant to toddler to child. this seat can potentially be used for up to 10 years so it could possibly be the only car seat you will ever need making money sense. The seat allows for rear facing up to 50 pounds and forward facing 22-65 pounds with it's solid construction including a steel reinforced frame.
Several great features are built into the seat such as a level indicator which clearly shows if the seat is properly level when it's installed. It can then be reclined in 6 positions. It also has 10 head rest positions as well along with 2 cupholders. My favorite feature though is the new harnass adjustment which allows the height of the harnass to raise or lower by simply squeezing a handle on the top of the seat. No more tedious rethreading from the back required!
Stylish colors of gender neutral black with a subtle grey with teal accents adds to the beauty in design of this exceptional product.JAD12
Excellent Carseat! Very Easy to install
I am in LOVE with this car seat! This has GOT to be the most convenient car seat that I have used. The name Extend2Fit certainly fits it! The seat feels very strong and sturdy. It feels durable. I also love that this seat fits in our cars well. This is a convertible car seat that features 2 cup holders, an extending foot rest AND an extending head rest. That was a surprise to me! The top extends so that you can use this seat as your baby grows. No more fussing with taking the straps in and out to adjust! You simply pull the bar at the top to adjust the height of the straps and headrest! Easy peasy! Also, the bottom of the seat has a leg rest that extends for added comfort for your little one to be rear facing for up to 2 years. This seat was super easy to install. We used the latch system and it installed much better than our other seat. It is also lighter than I expected. The base is awesome as it has indicators that you can see how far back your baby can recline. Another neat feature is the fuss free buckle pockets. It is so convenient that i can put the buckles in those pockets quickly. It makes it so much easier than messing around to find the buckles under her. There are 6 different reclining positions so you are sure to find one that makes you comfortable, and your baby as well! I love that this seat can be used rear facing from 4 to 50 pounds and forward facing from 22 to 65 pounds. This is sure to be the only seat you need for a long time!lexinifo
Love it
It's perfect my son is 7 months and I can tell he will fit in this car seat for a long time! I love how it reclines because when he falls asleep I don't like for his head to flop around so the reclining feature is very useful for that. He looks so comfy and safe and the quality of materials is excellentAlli
A betty sturdy comfortable car seat.
The car seat is well made with all the necessary inserts to comfort and secure a small infant.  It is a little heavier than others I have used, but this was expected since it is fully convertible to keep your infant or toddler safe.  The seat fit well in my Ford Edge both front and rear facing, but I assume in a small vehicle rear facing may be a little snug as reclining the car seat is necessary for an infant.  I love the latch strap.  I never feel like the car seatbelt holds the car seat tight enough and it takes more effort.  The car seat's latch strap has seatbelt like buttons that allow you to latch the strap to your car's harness brackets with ease.  With other car seats it was necessary to loosen the latch strap before unlatching it from the car harness brackets.  The release buttons made it much easier to unlatch without having to loosen the latch strap or fish your hand in the seat to release the strap from the car harness, but don't be concerned; the buttons require enough pressure that a child wouldn't be able to disconnect the seat very easily.  Reclining position for the rear facing function should be done prior to harnessing the seat as it will not be adjustable once you have the seat strapped in the car.  The leg extender is a really nice feature for those that are concerned with their infant's legs being cramped as they grow, though it is also necessary to extend before being attached and will require repositioning on the seat to allow for the extra leg room.  The five point harness is easy to use and I think I may like the lap buckle better than the buckle on some car seats.  The GRACO Extend2Fit has two separate openings for the buckles to latch; rather than one slot that requires the user to know the correct angle to insert the latches.  This really makes it easier for a person who may not be used to car seats.  The cup holders are a nice feature for the toddler stage when you can't go anywhere without juice and snacks.  It was a little difficult to line the clasp up when inserting the cup holders into position.  However, there is space to get your hand underneath to line up the cup holder clasp and from there it was just a forceful push to snap it in place.  I am very pleased with the quality, appearance and how easy the seat was to install.  I am confident any baby will be comfortable and safe.Sessra
Great Car Seat!
The Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat features include protecting infants from 4-50lbs. and forward facing toddlers from 22-65lb. The 3-position panel provides 5” additional leg room. It's extremely safe and has ben crash tested to meet and exceed US Safety standards.

Normally, rear-facing seats go up to 40lbs so it's nice to see that Graco has made one compatible for a 50lbs. child. With the added extended for extra leg room, it makes rear-facing much more comfortable for the child as well.

The seat cushion is machine-washable which is fantastic! It's nicely padded and is comfortable.

It has 10 head rest positions as well as two cupholders. The harness is easily adjustable and doesn't require you to take the seat out to make the adjustment. It's a simple handle on the top of the seat which adjusts it.

Installation is super easy. The design is beautiful.

I've had my share of car seats and can say that this one is top notch.Shak45
Great for extended rear facing.
So glad I finally listened to everyone and bought this. It's for my moms car, but it's so easy to install. Life the foot extender and the 59 lbs rear facing limit.OKCBrooksy
Amazing seat-especially for smaller cars!
I LOVE this seat!! It was super easy to install (I used the rear latch system) and it sat perfectly level without the need of any adjusting. Also feels right and secure with no rocking back and forth. On full recline, I was able to push the front seat back a couple extra inches giving the front passenger more leg room versus his infant seat-that was a HUGE selling point for me. I have a Subaru Crosstrek and a 6+ ft husband so I need all the space I can get! Baby also has plenty of room and looks comfy and not at all scrunched up.

The only reasoning for 4 stars instead of 5 is it's extremely difficult to loosen the straps when you're trying to get baby out. The lever to loosen it is up under the seat pad and pushed up against the back of the seat since he's rear facing. It won't be as much of an issue once he flips around but for now it's going to be a bit of a pain. But it's a minor inconvenience for the safety, security, and comfort for all passengers it provides.emilyann010
Great seat for the price!
I purchased this seat for my 2yr old. We have two older sisters, so compact size of this seat was great for my other girls to ride comfortably. It was a little harder to tighten when installing with the latch straps because you can't get u see the seat pad easily, but with the help of my husband we got it right. My little loves it and seems very comfortable. My only other complaint is when it comes to tightening the straps. I couldn't get them to tightening enough when I pulled on the strap tightener on the front, I have to pull on the back of the straps (behind the seat) while pulling on the strap adjuster on the front. All in all, I would recommend this seat to anyone looking for a nice, long lasting convertible seat.WvJess06

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